Responses to the A Night Below the Opera (Inform) survey

The tag after each response lists the player’s operating system, IF interpeter program (often a web browser), and a summary of their assistive technology setup.

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How did you read the text and other media that the game provides? Did you encounter any consistent difficulty with this?

How did you input commands to the game? Did you encounter any consistent difficulty with this?

Is there any other information about your disability, the assistive technology you use, or your game-testing setup that you’d like to tell us about?

Were you able to complete the game to your satisfaction?

Did any of the accessibility challenges pose insurmountable obstacles to you? If so, describe them here.

How did you feel about the accessibility experience as a whole?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the overall experience of playing this game, in terms of accessibility?

What could the developer of the game (or the program you used to play the game) do to improve the game’s accessibility?

If you did complete the game, which of these endings did you reach?

Which of the signs in the washroom were you able to read? (For signs in languages you don’t know, were you able to perceive that the sign contained writing in the given language?)

Were the emoji on the emoji-sign readable?

Were the boldface and italic words on the font sign distinguishable?

Each time you pulled the lever, were you able to see your total-score counter increase? (This is separate from the “Your score has just gone up by one point” message appearing.)

Were you able to example the crumpled paper, and understand it as a map with a path drawn across it?

Were you able to open the holiday card, and understand the sequence of clicks that it plays?

Were you able to read the paragraph of text contained in the book?

Were you able to examine the three photographs?

Were you able to understand the console photograph in enough detail to learn the six numbers shown on it?

Were you able to turn on the slide projector and read the descriptions of the six slides (including the location of the Left Glove of Darkness)?

Were you able to clean the plaque and read the verse printed on it?

Do you have any other comments or questions about your experience testing this game?

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